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Plastic toy manufacturers that toys are born children's little friends, good toys for children to help develop children's intellectual development, develop good habits of children to develop toys, and the types of toys is very diverse, common plastic toys, Wooden toys, electronic toys and so on.
Childhood is the most critical period of intellectual development, embodied in toys through entertaining, in order to achieve the purpose of developing intelligence, is the most suitable for children to accept the ability and interest characteristics of education. In a broad sense, it can be said that almost all toys suitable for children are of a very good value. Because no matter what type of toys children play with cognitive skills necessary for the development of intelligence to varying degrees, Ability, hand-eye coordination and so on. However, the so-called puzzle-type toy refers to the operation process needs to actively participate in thinking, need to solve the problem or reach a certain goal toys.
Such plastic toys have such characteristics as: the form is lively and can attract children; the hands-on operation is needed; the participation of mind activities such as judgment, thinking and reasoning need to be involved to some extent, not merely the skills of exercise operations such as chess toys, Building blocks, puzzles, Rubik's Cube, strategy-based computer games. Some parents think the more difficult the more toy toys, which is actually a misunderstanding. Because if the toy to the child is his problem can not be solved, which makes the toy lost its original meaning, so that children feel boring.
Therefore, the mother in the choice of toys for children, according to the character and age of the child to filter, smaller then it is recommended plastic toys, larger children can choose puzzle educational toys.

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