Analysis of OEM plastic toy factory when "Fun" international market

China is the largest toy producing country in the world with 70% of the world's OEM plastic toy production orders. However, more than 70% of the domestic enterprises are still in the low-end development level of incoming materials and sample processing. Not only are profits severely squeezed, Also restricted the innovation and growth of our own toy brands. How to move from "Made in China" to "Made in China" is an application question that is placed in front of the entire OEM plastic toy industry.
Rabbit "Pong" rabbit, during the Spring Festival this year, the toys associated with the rabbit do their part to become the protagonist of the toy market, "Rabbit", "rabbit milk", "rabbit doll" and other rabbit-related toy hot, to OEM plastic Toy manufacturers bring unlimited business opportunities.
Create your own brand
Toys and apparel, shoes and hats belong to the labor-intensive industries, low profits, poor product competitiveness, resistance to external shocks and other weaknesses are common problems facing our toy companies, not only profits are severely squeezed, but also restricted our own toy brands Innovation and growth. "Only by adhering to independent innovation, building our own brand and enhancing the core competitiveness of toy enterprises is the only way out for the toy industry in our country." If we want to change the current situation of low quality, low technology, high pollution and high energy consumption in our country, , Get rid of the trade barriers of the EU, the United States and other Western countries, the transformation and upgrading of the industry without delay.
After a rational analysis of the domestic and foreign markets, we started a difficult transition transformation and developed low-carbon and environment-friendly paper toys. Along the way, overcoming all kinds of difficulties.
"The first problem I encountered was the absence of a professional designer who needed more than just graphic design and 3D design but also the nature of the paper and the familiarity with the market for children's toys. Way, the team gradually explore the design direction.
Intellectual property is a magic weapon
Intellectual property protection is the primary problem to be solved by domestic toy companies. It is understood that with the increasing competition in the international toy market, on the one hand, the technical content of toy products continues to increase. In addition, toys derived from many animation works are also popular among children and even adults. "Hai Bao" and "Pleasant Goat" "Gray Wolf" and other classic styling enjoys popular support, despite repeated prohibition of piracy has given the toy industry a sound cast a shadow of the healthy development.
With the popularity of the Pleasant Goat cartoon, nearly 1,000 varieties of related derivative products have been developed to cover the basic necessities of life, including toys, stationery and books. "In particular, almost 80% of the" Pleasant Goat "toy products that appear on the market are pirated.
Zhejiang Yiwu is one of the four major toy markets in China, home to thousands of toy manufacturers and buyers. However, due to lack of brand enterprises, the lack of independent intellectual property rights, resulting in Yiwu toy industry big but not strong. Yiwu Toy Association, vice president, general manager of voluntary toy research and development center introduced: "In order to change this situation, Yiwu Toy Industry Association and Zhejiang University Industrial Innovation Industry Center in 2009 to jointly create Yiwu toy industry research and development center for some basic And professional aspects of the two sides to carry out deep cooperation in the transfer of results to take the full amount of transfer, paid use, targeted delivery and other flexible means to maximize science and technology into productive forces. "At present, through the relevant achievements Social promotion, not only effectively improve the quality of related products, product competitiveness is also greatly enhanced.
Into the high-tech breakthrough traditional limitations
According to a survey by China's social survey firm recently released by China's toy industry, toy consumption in China is growing at a rate of 30% to 40% per annum. In 2010, the total consumption of toys in the field will exceed 100 billion yuan. Huge market potential huge business opportunities, the ability to develop to meet the needs of the market to meet the needs of different segments of the population of products will be the toy company's future market, the important weight of the game.
An analysis of the industry, intelligent toy industry will become the new trend of development. High-tech smart toys not only satisfy the children's curiosity, but also entertaining children's curiosity. The source pointed out that the toy companies in the future may consider the electronics, communications and other advanced technologies into ordinary toys, breaking the limitations of traditional toys, toys give "listen" and "say" interactive features.
According to reports, they are currently trying to voice recognition and synthesis technology applied to toys, hear specific conversations will be answered, and stored a large number of stories, poems, jokes and children's songs, is a collection of entertainment And education in one of the latest smart voice doll.
In addition, many OEM plastic toy manufacturers are exploring the use of acousto-optic technology widely used in traditional toys, toys to enhance the scientific sense and interest, to extend the vitality of traditional toys. The way to toy lies in innovation, lies in research and development, lies in the establishment of intelligent and sales platform, and only has complete independent intellectual property rights and their own sales channels in order to really control their own destiny in their hands.

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