Beware of baby swallowing plastic toys

In modern animation plastic toy products, due to the improvement of science and technology to make it more sophisticated and smart, but the fine also brings a lot of security risks. The finer the animation plastic toys tend to have many smaller toy parts, such as toy car wheels, lights, Barbie dolls like shoes, hats and other Barbie accessories, electric toys button batteries or machine toys, such as weapons parts Etc., these toy parts will be relatively small, easily swallowed by babies who are ignorant.
Two or three years old when the baby can be said to be the most curious when, and this time the child has been able to crawl to see what they find interesting things, will crawl to get their own, and the baby's perception of development drives the baby When we see something, we have to "taste it" and put ourselves in a "suit." So parents should pay more attention.
Now children swallow toys plastic parts animation event can be described as numerous. Some doctors said that "the child's trachea, esophageal foreign body is the most strange cases, such as jelly, nuts, coins and toys accessories, but the most harmful to children or toys on the parts, such as button batteries, toy keys, etc. "These things can hurt the esophageal mucosa, sometimes ruining or perforation the esophagus, and can even endanger life.
The best way to avoid children eating food accessories, is to choose the appropriate toy according to the child's age, the regular toy manufacturers will be marked on the packaging of anime plastic toys age, as long as parents pay more attention to the appropriate selection. There is a bad toy to be promptly cleaned up to prevent the toy plastic fragments or falling toy parts hurt children. Old toys too old to be promptly cleaned up, because it may contain many bacteria, viruses. At the same time when buying toys for the children, parents should try their best to select the smaller parts and components of toys, such as plush toys eyes, etc., have to choose the size of the child's mouth than the big, even if the children want to taste, it is impossible mouth.
In addition, based on these, the purchase of toys, if the toy with a rope-shaped parts, pay attention to the length of no more than 22 cm, the choice of smooth burr-free, no sharp edge toys. This is to buy toys through these areas, coupled with the parents to take care of children, the basic child will not appear to swallow toy parts phenomenon.

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