Plastic toy factory exports will face a more serious test

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website voted on October 18 to formally adopt the latest rules to ban certain phthalates containing more than 0.1% of children's products. The plasticizer that the United States imposes on a mandatory permanent ban on plastic toys and childcare products will increase from the existing three to eight, which is "the most serious in history" and greatly exceeds the current regulations of other countries such as the EU. The new regulations will be 180 days after the official publication of the Federal Register.
The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) issued by the United States provides that permanent ban on DEHP, DBP and BBP three kinds of o-phenyl plasticizers due to the harm to the child's reproductive system and endocrine system, three phthalates DINP, DIDP and DNOP Plasticizers were temporarily banned.
Plastic toys and other children's products are China's major export commodities. Due to the large number of plasticizers mentioned in the above new regulations, besides the more common DEHP and DBP, enterprises are relatively unfamiliar with other plasticizers and the risk needs to be paid attention to. In particular, it should be noted that the compulsory toy standard GB6675-2014 implemented by China in January 2016 mainly refers to the EU standards, and the restricted objects include six types of common plasticizers such as DEHP. The United States will add a permanent ban DIBP, DPENP and other plasticizers, GB and EU standards have not set any restrictions on the adoption of the relevant proposals will have a greater impact on the export of plastic toys in China industry.
At this point, inspection and quarantine departments to remind exporters pay attention to the following aspects: First, attach great importance to the dynamics of European and American laws and regulations. Strengthen content interpretation, and technical barriers to work into the quality control system, improve risk prevention capabilities. Second, strictly implement the pre-export compliance test. Testing is to ensure the final guarantee of product quality, exports of children's products should be strictly in accordance with relevant standards and regulatory requirements, plasticizers, heavy metals and other high-risk projects compliance testing, and the report as an attached file available to customers to reduce spot checks Probability. Third, continue to improve the soft power of quality management. Enterprises should take safety and environmental protection as starting points, and gradually establish and improve the raw materials management system and product design review mechanism, and strengthen the process of production management, prevention of quality risk from the source, improve the level of quality and safety.

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