Plastic toy factory development trend

"What is the new wave of plastic toy factory?" Someone has thrown such a question on the vertical QA website that focuses on children. An Internet developer and marketer replied. Now the animation film and television business on the trend of plastic toy factory is a tremendous impact in recent years a fire variety show "Where's the Daddy" just broadcast not on the toy market, one after another on the emergence of its derivative toy.
On the other hand, the traditional children's plastic toy factory is still growing. The best-selling LEGO bricks, natural, durable and wood-like wooden components make people feel close, not so much bound, and can really play for their children.
All plastic toy factory are emphasizing children's ability and imagination nurture. They give the toy "a bricklayer," designing open-ended play, emphasizing the joys of DIY and creating more appeal in the hope of competing with tablets, smartphones and TVs.
On the current trends in toys, can be summarized as about four:
Popular one: educational toys
Developing intelligence and entertaining is one of the most common elements of every popular toy, and educational toys have become evergreens on the toy market. Most parents are willing to buy a children's educational toys, such as chess, puzzles, early education machine. Educational toys also combine modern new technology, playing more and more innovative.
Popular two: sports toys
Exercise is always the theme of children. Some simple, mechanical games such as trampolines, swings, slides, etc., can make kids have fun. At the same time can also exercise children's physical fitness.
Three popular: technology toys
Tech toys are popular products in the toy market this year. Can be assembled solar toys, the pop index has been rising, such green smart technology toys, so many children put it down.
Four popular trends: animation toys
An animation of the toys, props, children can make their eyes shiny. The same popular options are all kinds of cartoon-style plush toys, models, robots believe that every boy who plays the game will not be rejected, and cute plush dolls should be the hearts of girls love.

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